Awareness Technologies

Awareness Technologies provides enhanced value with InterGuard. A complete internal threat solution downloaded to the endpoint, InterGuard has four modules including Data Loss Prevention, Employee Monitoring, Web Filtering, and Laptop Anti-Theft Recovery. By recording & blocking all PC activity, InterGuard protects you from internal threats and keeps you in compliance. Worse than an actual data breach is not knowing the “who, what, where and when”. Because InterGuard acts like a surveillance camera inside your PCs and Mac’s, you will always be able to rewind and watch the slow motion replay.

InterGuard Suite Four Modules

Datalock (Data Loss Prevention) – Prevent data breaches before they occur. View and block sensitive data from leaving an organization via email, web forms and removable media (USB) as well as data saved on local drives (even remote laptops). Policies you can easily customize via a wizard based on the user, computer or type of data.

Sonar (Employee Monitoring) – Increase productivity, eliminate insider threats. Record and block all activity on PC’s and Mac’s on or off the network. Also receive automated reports and alerts via email. Download in seconds on the network without having physical access to the PC.

Web Filtering (Recording and Blocking) – Filter by category, content or upload your own lists. Unique endpoint solution allows you to record and filter web activity that no other solution can, as well as function seamlessly with remote staff.  

Laptop Data Recovery (with Geolocation) – Ensures data protection when a laptop has been stolen. Equipped with powerful remote data retrieval and deletion. Also has cutting edge geolocation services that provide pinpoint accuracy.  

Seamless Deployment

Simply download licenses remotely over your network to your work stations using our NetDeploy tool, which integrates with your Active Directory. Leverage our cloud infrastructure to make settings and view reports. No need to buy or setup any hardware.

Works On or Off Network

Deployed on the PC or laptop, all InterGuard modules work whether your employees are in the office or working remotely. No network required. Ideal for today’s mobile workforce. 

Awareness Technologies InterGuard provides companies with a complete end-to-end view that ensures they have the necessary ingredients to maintain organizational and operational compliance. If your company has sensitive data (such as client lists; financial data; access control info, code, etc…) that could secretly be removed via USB, email or laptops;  If you want to improve productivity, have compliance issues or be pro-active with end-point security, then InterGuard is an easy to use and affordable solution for you.