BAE Systems Applied Intelligence (SilverSky)


Network Security Services

The threat landscape is more dangerous than ever before, and IT departments are struggling to reduce risk and maintain regulatory compliance. At the same time, they are facing intense pressure to reduce costs and improve productivity. BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s network protection software empowers IT departments to drive down security risk and do more with limited resources.

Network Security from the Cloud

BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s Network Security Service is comprised of several software-as-a-service (SaaS) products. Our software helps organizations reduce the costs and complexity of network security, reduce security risk, and reduce the compliance burden. By automating processes that are complicated and time-consuming (but necessary to protect your network from malicious attacks),BAE Systems Applied Intelligence’s software empowers your IT department to improve productivity and “do more with less.”  
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence‘s software enables our customers to:

  • Reduce costs and complexity
  • Improve network security and reduce risk
  • Reduce the compliance burden
  • Reap the benefits of the cloud

Network Security Services

  • Vulnerability Management
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Log Management
  • Brand Protection

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